Learning to read the fun way!

Teddi Fulenwider - Read With TedDee - Literacy Consultant

Available Topics for Staff Development

Guided Reading

Running Records;administering and interpreting

Word Work including Spelling


Comprehension Strategies

Working specifically with children of poverty

Balanced Literacy


Planning including differentiation

Data Analysis

Literacy Stations/Centers

As an educator of over 30 years this philosophy has driven how I teach and train teachers.  Being a firm believer that ALL children can learn, I design staff development sessions around different approaches in order to reach all children.  Sessions use strategies that are best practice yet practical and authentic. While keeping my philosophy of how children learn, I have an eye towards STAAR. During my 33 years in the public school system I have had the opportunity to teach children from all walks of life. Sixteen years of developing a primary reading and writing curriculum has enabled me to see what works and what doesn’t work.

Research tells us that early experiences with reading and writing need to be enjoyable, yet also systematic and scaffolded to reflect the way the brain learns to read and write.  

Learning can and should be fun!

So should staff development!

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